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Behind the Scenes: Wedding Stationery

Ever wondered just what goes into creating your wedding stationery? We pride ourselves on our hand crafted and personalised designs. Take a little peak into our process!

STEP 1: Initial Ideas

Brainstorming, brainstorming, brainstorming! Creating stationery that suits all your needs and also your budget can sometimes be tricky. We take the time to go over all sorts of design options, printing and finishes until we find the perfect mix.

STEP 2: Beginning stages

Now for the fun part!

We begin by creating any custom illustrations needed for your stationery suite. This process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Starting from sketches we either put the finishing touches on the artwork by hand painting or pen and ink. These sketches are then scanned at high resolution so we can enlarge or shrink as needed to compile your design.

Once the scanning process has been completed, we painstakingly cut out each element to remove any unnecessary backgrounds and colours. We then take each individual element and create a stunning composition of all decorative elements for your invitation suite.

Now we’re ready for the finishing touches and adding all the necessary text. We select or create any fonts we need and create a type hierarchy that will compliment your design. Once all the important details have been added, we’re ready to send you a proof!

STEP 3: Final Touches

Once you’ve received the proof and checked over all the details, we make any necessary changes and return it for final approval.

STEP 4: Printing

Now that we’ve finalised the design, we’re ready to organise your printing! We have a selection of our preferred printers and supply stockists that we can rely on for the best print quality every time. Choosing a quality printer is almost as important as getting the design right!

STEP 5: Finishing & Packaging

The final tweaks! Once your printing has been completed and is in our hot little hands we do a thorough quality control check and ensure everything is as it should be. If you selected to have your invitation suites packaged and addressed by us, this is when the magic happens!

After all your invitations have been packaged, either as individual suites or as a ready to make package for you to add your own personal touch to, we’re ready to ship! Depending on your location, your package is either ready for delivery or posted to you.

That’s it!

Thanks for following along and taking a look into what sets us apart and makes our stationery so special. There’s a lot of love and commitment that goes into each and every design we create so we hope you love it just as much as we do!

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