crafting your brand

the branding process


Through the branding process, we will work closely together to bring your vision to life and create a authentic identity that will elevate your business to the next level.


To start, we delve into you and your business- What motivates you? What was your reason and passion for creating your business? We use this information to create your brand profile and strategy.


Now it’s all about the design. We explore your options for branding and create an identity design for your business based on what we discovered in the initial stages of your branding development.


We take a closer look at the initial concept and explore how to fits your target market and overall persona of your business. We use this information to make refinements and small adjustments to the design until it hits the spot!


Your brand identity will be delivered to you in multiple formats so you are fully equipped to release your new branding into the wild and let it do it’s job. 

We’re always here! We pride ourselves on offering ongoing support to all our branding clients if you need any assistance somewhere down the track.