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How to choose the perfect business name

Are you stuck trying to choose a business name? I’ve written out some of my top tips for finding the perfect name for your business, check them out below.


What do you want to communicate?

Start simple and narrow down the fundamental elements of your business. What sets you apart from the competition? The more your name portrays your business’s story and vision. Keep it simple so the focus is solely on your business’s product or service.


What is your business’s personality?

This can really help to develop a unique and unforgettable business name. Is there something totally distinctive about your business? It may be the way you run the day-to-day of the business or the origin of it, maybe you’re selling a unique product or service unmatched by any of your competition. Zone in on this and brainstorm ways you can tie your service with your personality.


Don’t be too specific.

You want your business to show who you are as a business and what you do but you don’t want to limit yourself to only your current service or product. You want to choose a business name that allows you expand and explore new ventures whilst keeping the same brand.


Is your name available?

Once you have a few options ready, visit the ASIC website and see if the names are available to register.


Can you get the domain name?

These days almost every business has a website. In order to have a successful website linked to your business you need a domain name that directly corresponds with your business name. Once you have narrowed down your ideas to a few options, jump onto the web and look up whether your preferred domain is already in use. If it is, can you tweak your initial to something more unique? Maybe go in a totally different direction?


Test it.

Ask the people around you what they think. Is there something that stands out for them that you don’t want associated with your business? Do you immediately know or understand the product or service or will it create intrigue into the business? Does it entice them to look into it further? Often people outside of the business have different ideas or views to you, ask them lots of questions to determine whether your chosen name is the best fit for your business going forward.


Good luck!

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