Jailhouse Pups Logo & Branding Design

Jailhouse Pups

This would have to be one the best and most rewarding volunteer projects I’ve worked on to date. I stumbled across a profile years ago about a man who was travelling to Korea to save dogs from the abuse and dog meat festivals they hold. Reading through his posts and the emotion strain it puts on the people who go over to try and stop the violence is just phenomenal. A couple of months ago, I was sent an email from Vollie (AMAZING volunteer organisation connecting charities with skilled individuals) with a new organisation in need of branding. It makes me so happy to be able to help charities but this one was really special. As an animal lover I hate seeing the trauma they go through over in countries like Korea so to be able to help an organisation doing something about it is an amazing opportunity.

Jailhouse Pups is working closely with international organisations like Free Korean Dogs, Duo Duo Project and Vanderpump Dogs. They aim to connect Australian flight volunteers with their charity partners to assist in transferring rescue dogs between countries and general volunteer assistance to help end the Korean dog abuse.

They are launching soon so keep your eyes peeled for how you can be a part of this amazing charity!

Initial designs…

Final logo…


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